About Us


Who are we? We are a team that over the years has become the reference for all those who cycling is a profession, a job, but above all a reason for living and pleasure. We are able to accompany and give you the right keys to enter the magic world of the two-wheels. 

Giovanni, Giorgio and Silvio were runners, rode and still pedal today. Thanks to all the hours spent on bike or following the races, they were able to increase their wealth of experience, essential to serving and advising you. We have our faults too, but you have to be sure of one thing: we will always share with you our wealth of experience. We will transform into pleasure your desire to cycle. Let us guide you and advise you the best way to begin your personal amazing adventure.

Bicycle, cycling, howsoever you think it, they are all synonymous with fantasy and adventure. Satisfaction after trauma. To achieve a true satisfaction you have to struggle and sweat. Bikes give us this chance. But to reach it properly you have to be accompanied by the right bike, the right technology and the suitable garments according to your characteristics, sizes and solutions.

All along the seasons, we enter the halls. We choose the best products, year by year, we make  even hard choices, sometimes we have to leave the heart behind and use our experience to choose. That’s why in Piasco you will always find the best of what the international markets can offer. 

Over the years we have found out that our choices were luckily right. We have been able to bring into our company brands like Pantani in the Bianchi’s era, Specialized that shocked the MTB world with the Brain, Cannondale that lifted us from the years of difficulty, Pinarello when nobody else would have bet on it, BMC when someone made fun of us… anyway five years later we were in Paris to celebrate the Tour with Cadel Evans!

That’s enough, it’s time to stop living in the memory.

We are here now and you can be sure that we will continue to evolve ourselves in order to gratify every cyclist who has the good fortune to come and visit us, ready for new adventurous challenges and battles. HELL, HOW MANY FUTURE BATTLES!



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